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Where words work.


Making words work is an artform. It's a fusion of imagination and innovation, passion and pragmatism.


Great copy embraces creativity, often leaving unique, nuanced impressions on the minds of every individual.


Great copy writing - inspired communication - melds all these elements with a resolute ambition. To elicit a response.


So, if you're looking for a wordsmith with expertise, experience and empathy (and I personality that eschews the banality of AI!), you've clicked on the right place. Welcome to Burkeworks!

I'll be brazenly immodest here... well, needs must really! Copy writing (or copywriting, take your pick) isn't easy. If it was everyone would be doing it instead of relying on clunky grammar software. Or simply hoping artificial intelligence can work wonders with gobbledygook.


 I'm adroit at writing compelling copy because of one meritorious talent. I listen.


I absorb all the complexities of the communication issues you face, the market volatility that swirls around you, your goals and aspirations. Then I write. Swiftly and efficiently. Creatively and concisely.


And on that note, I've written quite enough. For now!

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