Where words work.



I'd like to think you're here because you're looking for creativity driven by pragmatism and copy writing that works, by eliciting the response (and sales!) you want. If that's the case, you've come to the right place.  If not, welcome anyway!


I'm here to help you create the reactions that make the tills ring. Or the clicks click or whatever you're into...  So if "sales" is a four letter word, that's fine with me!

And another thing…

​Writers can be pedants when it comes to language, particularly grammar.  I'm fine with that. Your brand is too important to be projected with anything but clarity and erudition. Of course colloquialism plays a role, even with my profession - and believe me, if you're not professional about this, you're not doing everything you can for your clients. And maybe, that means you!


Copy writing and copywriting….  copywriter, copy writer, tomaytoes, tomahtoes…


I'm here to craft sensational, creative and compelling copy. And leave copyright for the legal eagles...!