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Something I have to show for all my years making words work is actually almost nothing at all. Because over the years I've been happily creating stuff and woefully lax in filing the finished product away to show off to anyone.  Like you.


Oh well, the proof isn't in what I've done in the past. It's in what I can do for you today.

BOS Australia

To give these magnificent primates the home they deserve, the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) has spent years on comprehensive repatriation programs.  I helped take everyone on that incredible journey.


Rebranding DB RREEF to DEXUS literally overnight was the result of months of strategic thinking, creative development, rigorous planning and precision implementation. And it worked incredibly well.

Colliers International

In a major branding and awareness development campaign I was responsible for considering all elements and spheres of operation, bring the "knowledge is power" proposition to life.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

The wonderful people at NBCF want to make their jobs obsolete - by eliminating breast cancer all together. I was chuffed to play a role in their noble quest.


It was the biggest single project DEXUS had ever undertaken, a glass spire sheathing an office tower like no other. It deserved something spacial and in branding it SPACE it made an indelible redefinition of our office skyline.

But wait, there's more...

I've got lots of other samples, particularly long copy brochures. Well, they're filed somewhere. So if you want to see more, just click the button. It would be a good incentive to get my filing sorted out!
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