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So here's what I think...

There are two aspects of the way I approach my work that… well, they work for me I and they’ll work for you too.


It’s a people business


Whether it’s designing the neighbourhoods or work spaces of tomorrow or churning out zillions of widgets, every business is a people business. 


So whether you’re talking to multinational CEOs at their desks or kids on their mobiles, tapping the right emotional as well as practical triggers is what it’s all about. 


Get them interested, get them involved. Get a response.



Time is money


Experience (and yes, expertise!) gives me the competitive edge to quickly, fully understand both what you want to achieve and how this translates to those triggers I’ve just been on about.


This helps me set the right tone as well as the best creative approach and (once you’ve happily signed off on that!) it ensures I work fast.


Creativity should be done effectively and efficiently. After all, time is money.

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